Sunday, January 15, 2012

MUNCH MONSTER raid: Antz Bread Factory

Today is the day I do my grocery. I've been dieting for the past two days and evading excess intake of carbohydrates. Going to the grocery is a challenge because I see all of my favorite chocolates and pastries but somehow I gained the discipline of letting go of these treats- or so I thought.
Upon entering the premises of Pioneer Center I saw a giant bee on top of a toaster shaped kiosk on the rotonda. At first I thought it was Jollibee and that the company changed his look and was presenting a new concept but it was actually Antz Bread Factory. The giant bee wasn’t actually a bee but an ant. Being a curious person I went over took a look. I was ready to leave when this guy, (I guess he’s the owner) approached me and let me try some baked goodies and it wasn’t bad. The bread was baked just right and it wasn’t the typical pastries you buy in a community bakery. I think its safe to call it the price friendly version of Bread Talk (but of course Bread Talk is better).  

So the inevitable happened, I gave in to my cravings and bought their lasagna bread (P35/piece) and cheese muffin (P30/piece) and consumed it both on that same day. Why? Because it tastes so effin’ good!

Total food cost: Lasagna Bread-P35.00 + Cheese Muffin-P30.00 = P65.00

They have a competitive price range for the quality of their baked goodies. I want to try their coffee bun and choco peppermint muffin next time :D

Other baked goodies are you can try-
Strawberry Muffin
Ensaymada with Macapuno/ Ube Ensaymada
Tuna Bread
Bread with the Floss thingy

Bite Cost: P24.00 to P35.00
Munch Worthy: Yes, perfectly baked. 7 bites!
Walker repeat: Yes

Are from Kapitolyo? Have you tried Antz? Share your story with us :D 

Located at the rotonda of Pioneer Center, Kapitolyo Pasig

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