Wednesday, August 16, 2017

Aug 13

Tatlo.  Tatlong taon na.
Bakit ayaw padin umusad ng mga paa
Alaala'y malinaw na malinaw pa
Mga luhang bumubuhos sa mga mata

Nakasulyap sa malayo
Umaasang magkatagpo
Pusong pinipigilan
Patuloy na nilalabanan

Minahal na
Minamahal pa.
At Mamahalin padin

Sana magising na
Sa realidad kung saan wala ka
Mga matang nakatingin
Palayo ng Palayo sa akin

Okay ka ba?
Okay naman ako.
Masaya ka ba?
Masaya ako Para sayo.

Wednesday, July 6, 2016

See you again

Happy Eidl Fitr! 

So, today is a holiday. I was supposed to go work today as my boss required me to report at the site. Good thing all issues we're tackled the day before and I'm spared from reporting on a holiday. The downside however is that I'm still working because of assignments given Tuesday late afternoon. 

July 7
After visiting Spin and Go Kapitolyo - neighborhood laundromat (about 2 weeks of dirty clothes) I went home and went straight to Crepeman for dinner and make the most of their free Wifi service. Ack! Working on a holiday is like opening a present only to find out that its not what you wanted. I am very frustrated with the things happening at work because I am asked to report on a Sunday (9am to freakin' 6pm!) though I'm not really required to do so and its not what I signed up for. I guess I should evaluate whether to stay or go. I must be careful with my decisions since it involves losing income for a couple of months. 

The title of this blog is see you again... how is it connected with my rants and frustration? - None. 
I just saw someone today. Its been a long time since I've seen that person. Its always surprising how that person makes my heart flutter. Is it a bad thing? I don't know. I just miss having that person around. Being friends is not an option. A part of my past that I chose not to revisit. 

Anyway, time to do reports that I hate. I'm officially an employee zombie. 

Sunday, October 4, 2015


Yes, unfortunately I am still in love with you 

I know you're getting married 

You think that I don't know

You think I'm okay, that I moved on completely

I don't know how long I can keep my heart from showing its true feelings

I love you so much that I want you to be happy even though its means I'll be lonely

People judge because they don't know our story 

I love you, can't you hear me screaming? 

I need you, can't you feel my hand reaching? 

Everything's moving while I keep still

Saturday, August 29, 2015

New world, Old feelings

So here I am again going through the motions 
I miss you, its stupid 
I can't afford to feel this way 
I've been trying so hard to make this go away 

So I've started work already and its quite a challenge to accomplish tasks as I don't have a desk or a computer yet. I'm still getting used to the work environment and process. I go home late and feel so tired. Its sad that there's no one waiting for me to give me a hug, eat dinner with me and say that he'll always have my back. Opening yourself to one person is such a huge risk. Rewarding, very. Painful as hell, possibly. You are as cold as ice and hard as a rock. Its like we never met. But don't get me wrong, I don't want to get back together. I've learned to let go and be selfless. I know you won't read this so I won't filter my feelings. Every time I say goodbye I keep looking back to memories I can never come back to. 

Good night my dear friend. 

Tuesday, August 11, 2015


Taco Vengo is a quaint restaurant located along East Capitol Drive behind Longanissa Sopresa fronting D’ Ace Plaza. You won’t even notice that its there, the location is an open secret to those who frequent Kapitolyo. I highly recommend couples who’d like to stay under the radar to dine here as the restaurant exudes an exclusive and hidden appeal. It’s like saying, relax you won’t get seen here.

The price is above average, here’s what we ordered:

Nachos: Can be shared by two people. I loved that there’s an egg. Its my first time to see nachos topped with egg on it. You gotta love the gooey cheese! 

Chicken Tacos: My favorite! A bit expensive for the amount of serving but flavorful and still worth every peso. I think we got this for free.

Pork Cheek (Sisig) Tacos: Not a fan of sisig so I'd probably pass on this one on my next visit. 

Steak Burrito: Can be split into three. This was heavenly! The steak was cooked medium rare, I would normally feel squeamish after seeing raw portions of meat but it’s a good thing that it was wrapped with veggies. 

Chuwaffle: Beautiful concoction! I love how the melted salted caramel blended with the mantecado or was that vanilla ice cream over the hot churro waffle. This can be shared by three persons but if you have a sweet tooth you can easily finish one plate.

Bite Cost: P100 - P300 
Munch worthy: Yes. Great for intimate dinners. 
Walker repeat: Yes. 

Located at 16 United Street,Kapitolyo, Pasig City
Cash transaction only 

Sunday, August 9, 2015

Hope you're okay

I heard that you had a minor operation
I wanted to rush to you and see if you’re okay (I was about to, actually)
I wanted you to rest your head on my lap like you used to
But none of those matter
You don’t want me to care
You want to rest your head on someone else’s lap
And only that matters

Do you know that it kills me to hear things about you?
I force myself to stop caring
I built an invisible wall to shield me from the pain only to be knocked down
Starting over again and again

All this time I’ve been looking for distractions
Looking for understanding from the wrong people
Today I’ve realized that I should offer all my fears to the Lord
Fear of rejection
Fear of being alone
And the fear of failing completely

My life didn’t start when I met you
And it sure won’t end when you left
I beg you my loving heart, please let me restart
Please don’t let him enter my head

God gave me the ability to forgive
To forgive you and myself for my faults and short comings
I believed that being with you was all I ever wanted
I have buried my dreams and aspirations to satisfy yours
You didn’t ask me to, I did it willingly
I have been disillusioned that making you happy was my number one priority

My situation right now won’t define my future
I am strong and I can overcome this obstacle
You were lent to me by God for me to take a leap towards him
To build an intimate and everlasting relationship with him
Everything doesn’t happen because of coincidence, it is planned

Tuesday, August 4, 2015

Friday night with HS loves

After x number of years, finally we meet! I’m happy to see these beautiful ladies.
Soon to be Mrs. Atty. Ann Reas- de Vera, blooming momma grace and our charming balikbayan Aya! We were supposed to watch Magic Mike but due to my unavailability we ended up having coffee which turned out to be the best decision we made that night. It’s great to be with people whom you can share things without the fear of being judged. Ika-nga sa instagram #nofilter.

We are each other’s support group. We all have our own strengths, from good listeners to counselors. Buti nalang waived ang fees ni Atty. Reas hehe

I am so blessed to have known these inspiring women. To more years of friendship and see you soon. Hopefully with Julyan and our lost friend Liz. I love you girls!